On this Memorial Day weekend, I can't help but think

about the brave soldiers of the Greatest Generation, who fought around the world to make democracy safe for all us.
And I think of the JERKS who sent US soldiers to Viet Nam and Iraq, to kill and maim, and BE killed and maimed.
For What?
To make the bomb and bullet mfgrs rich?
To hike the price of oil?
To fill our VA hospitals?
To fill planes with body bags and wreck countless lives on the home front, during and after the pointless BS wars against brown people on the other side of the world?
Trillions spent, thousands of lives lost, so some 'chicken-hawks' in Washington could feel macho, and make the 'Defense' contractors obscenely wealthy?
From the fall of Saigon, after years of pointless war, to the Repub bullshit of 'Oops No WMD's'  we have to learn the lessons of  Nixon/MacNamara, Bush/Cheney and now Trump/Bolton, as the draft dodgers, incl Bush and Capt Bone Spurs, spill our soldier's blood, in some kind of stupid War Games, with REAL consequences.
This Memorial Day, let's remember the true heroes, AND the A-holes(R) who look at war as an economic opportunity, while beating the drums of false patriotism.
Patriots PROTECT their country, not wreck the military in a pointless war for profit.
Tell me again what we gained in Viet Nam and Iraq?

Pic below from Life magazine, before being put out of business, with YUUUUGE increases in postage, along with Look and Post, cuz they dared show the US public the atrocities in Viet Nam.
Fifty years ago, but seems like yesterday, when I learned my good country could be run by BAD people, like now.


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