There was a time that I thought...

Just cuz logic and rationality ruled MY life, I believed everyone thought the same way.
We have the 'Literal Bible Believers', who throw logic and rationality 'out the window', as they believe the myths and superstitions of ancient, uneducated scribes who put their 'stories' into print, including all the racist, slave owning, women demeaning, gay hating, unscientific MYTHS that satisfied the ancient brains.
BTW, they also vote straight Repub.
They literally believe a book that claims the earth is flat, our planet is the center of the universe, as the sun and planets revolve around it and the earth is 6000 years old, , while our ancestors lived to be  over 600 years old, after a talking snake tempted the 'first woman to eat an apple', before she got kicked out of the Garden, and joined the local. neighborhood tribes, and now we're all damned.
How do you deal with ignorance like this?
You don't. You ignore them and hope their ignorance isn't contagious, as they vote the Pussy Grabber into the presidency.
Thanks again, Karl Rove, who discovered this voting block(R) where logic/rationality/intelligence are foreign concepts.


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