After recently touring parts of the South, with lots of Civil War history,

and discussing 'Gone With The Wind', as Carol reads it, I used to be amazed that the US could go to war with itself, fellow Americans in a shooting war cuz of different ideological beliefs. BUT, as I look at the country today, esp after a Daily Show series of interviews with the people who line up to see Trump at one of his 'post elections rallies' (why?), I can see we are a totally divided nation, again, and it's sure not getting better.
According several of the Trumpies, they get their 'news' from FOX, 10-12 hours a day, and have NO PROBLEM with the fact that FOX was created by Repub Political Strategist Roger Ailes, as a way to push ONE SIDE, with lots of lies, bias and embellishments, to a portion of the populace that has NO INTEREST in honest reporting.
We're not at armed, Civil War-type shooting status, yet, but I have a much better understanding of how we got there and how it could happen, again.
There's really no middle ground, and I don't see it changing. You either believe Trump (how?), or don't CARE about all his lies, OR are appalled that an unqualified, vain, arrogant, Pathological Liar could take over the country.
Choose a side.
Like I said, there's no middle ground, as 2/3 of the country thinks Mueller should do his job and get all the henchmen, incl the Big Cheese, on the stand, under oath and find out what the TRUTH is.
OR, you're on the 1/3 side, swallowing FOXCrap, that the FBI, CIA, NSA, Justice Dept, etc, are all colluding against Trump, cuz they're the Bad guys, and Trump is the truth telling GOOD guy, who should either:
Ignore the coming subpoena.
Fight the coming subpoena
Take the Fifth
Fire the special prosecutor, and Rosenstein, both Pubs, appointed by Pubs

All the talking heads(R) agree that Dotard shouldn't testify, cuz he'd get in trouble IF he tells the truth, and/or get in trouble when he lies.
Bottom line, we've all seen the TV shows where the lawyer NEVER allows his guilty client to testify, cuz he always gets tripped up in his LIES, and who thinks the Liar in Chief could outsmart Mueller?
If so, do I have a wager for you.....


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