Again stealing, (or borrowing) from my buddy Dave,

who 'nails it' AGAIN.

And 38 years later, Trump is just Reagan without the sheep costume.  Reagan (ignorant, xenophobic, misogynistic, jingoistic and fundamentally racist) was not a nice man.  He just played one on TV. 

Now we have a genuinely unhinged, authoritarian, wannabe tyrant in the Oval Office – and 40% of Americans still support him unconditionally – because they’ve been brainwashed for two generations by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (Fox News, hate radio, the “Christian Right”, the Koch brothers, the Heritage Foundation, the AEI, the NRA, the Family Research Council, et al.) into believing that:

·         America is a divinely-ordained “Christian Nation” (contrary to all evidence left by the Founding Fathers) – under siege by liberals, atheists, free-thinkers and Muslims.

·         “White privilege” is an American birthright – and all those “Others” have no business usurping what used to be the exclusive province of white, Christian males.

·         The police and the military can do no wrong – as they are the “tip of the spear” for the corporate and cultural hegemony of “Real Americans” (white, Christian, conservative males) - both domestically and internationally.

·         All taxation is essentially theft (one of Uncle Ronnie’s favorite homilies).

·         “Private enterprise” can solve all our problems.  And conversely, “Government” is the source of all evil.

·         Anything that promotes “the social welfare” of large numbers of American citizens (such as universal health care, mass transit, subsidized daycare or public education) is “Socialism” – which, in turn, is just a euphemism for “Communism”.

These core tenets of neo-fascism are now considered to be Revealed Truth by 40% of Americans.  The Gospel According to Reagan, Limbaugh, Perkins, Dobson and Bannon.  That’s why Trump can “shoot a man on Fifth Avenue and not lose any supporters”.


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