Believe it or not,

saying 'I think you're a total idiot', isn't a good way to mend fences.
And, just for future reference, approx 28% of Americans believe in a literal Bible, according to Gallup, and the numbers are smaller every year. Throw out those with little or no education and the number nears single digits, BUT, those people aren't about to embrace reality, science and logic, cuz once you doubt one part of the Bible, where do you draw the line?
It's easier just to SAY you believe, although I imagine, late at night, or whenever their dormant brain kicks in, they gotta think, 'Would God really use 2 bears to kill 42 kids cuz they made fun of a bald guy?' Or, 'Could an ancient clan make a boat to hold ALL the animals in the world, with food, and how did they get there and how did they disperse around the world, in a massive mud pit, and why is there ZERO archeological evidence of such a catastrophe?'
I could go on and on, but those people have never listened to logic never will, BUT, it does explain why we have the Liar in Chief as prez. The average person isn't very smart and half of them are even stupider.
Never mind, nothing new here, but just blowing off steam as I realize how gullible SO MANY of the sheep actually are, believing FOXNews and thinking Trump is 'for the little guy'.
Yup, the multiply bankrupt, 'Christian' (cuz they vote), pathologically LYING New York con man, just has their best interests at heart. Who da thunk those who believe God would stop the sun (actually He'd have to stop the earth's rotation), to prolong a slaughter, could be fooled by the pussy grabber?
AGAIN, nothing against spirituality and believing in a creation force, but the arrogance of pretending you actually know the mind of God, and a literal Bible? Sure the Bible has lots of nice stories and is based on a man who the Romans WANTED the masses to believe in, and told the ignorant masses they'd burn in Hell for eternity, concerning a man who MAY have had Godly connections, but  LITERALLY TRUE stories? C'mon....

You couldn't blame a peasant in a mud hut having rainbows explained to him as he was threatened with eternal damnation if he didn't give 10% to the Vatican, but we've come a long way baby, and ancient myths and superstition aren't a viable belief system anymore, no matter what the Bible Thumpers say.


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