Did anyone else catch Dotard's latest LIE?

although he has had several after this whopper.
'Obama paid for hostages, I don't''.
Then, within a day day the headlines proclaimed:
'North Korea to Receive Economic Help From US'

I'd say that's PAYING, when it's gonna cost us BILLIONS, just like the last few times we 'bought off' N Korea and their nukes.
Although who can bitch about 'breaking deals' after Dotard's unilateral exit from The Paris Accord, the TPP, the Iran Deal and NAFTA, cuz his 'Experienced Brain' knows more than all those world leaders who negotiated tough deals, for YEARS, before the Orange Clown 'blew them up'.

The lying scumbag has reduced our country's word to HIS level, which is lower than whale shit.


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