File it under, 'we can only HOPE'

as those of us with a functioning brain would LOVE to see Dotard answer Robert Mueller's questions, cuz the Liar in Chief will hang himself IF he tells the truth OR when he lies.
C'mon, you Orange Clown, sit down and answer the questions....

If Trump answers Mueller's questions, it will 'end his presidency'

  • Dozens of questions Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to ask President Trump were leaked to the New York Times and published on Monday.
  • Trump has expressed a desire to be interviewed by Mueller in hopes that it will end the investigation.
  • If he does, it will probably end his presidency as he walks into a "classic perjury trap."
  • SOOO, we all know the lying SOB's lawyers ain't gonna let him testify, cuz he's toast either way, truth or lies.


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