He may be one of the worst, but isn't unusual, for the swamp(R)

Donald Trump isn't a normal president, and Michael Cohen isn't a normal Washington sleaze

Trump had not even taken his oath before his closest associates bellied up to the bar to sell their influence.  Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Cohen, and others have reportedly raked in millions by immediately cashing in on their relationship to Trump.

BUT, Cohen took it to a new level, using money directly from Russia, to pay off the president's Bimbos, and then lying about it, which is LOW, even for the subterranean standards of Washington Republicans.

We can only wait and wonder what ELSE is gonna come out of Mueller's investigation, as Cohen faces 'hard time' for his role as Trump's 'Fixer', and has a chance on "Let's Make a Deal' for his freedom, in State courts, where Dotard isn't allowed to 'pardon' his henchmen.


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