I was gonna mock Dotard's latest claims of 'Witch Hunt'

which has produced several indictments (incl Flynn and Papadopolous), with several more nearly complete (incl Manafort and Cohen), and the Senate officially agreeing with ALL the US intel agencies that Russia colluded FOR the Orange Clown and AGAINST Hillary, (ever wonder WHY, rightwingnguts?)
And it's resulted in most of his campaign staff, including his son and son-in-law, 'changing their stories', repeatedly, as their blatant LIES became public knowledge, AND we see large sums of Russian money being funneled (the same word used to describe the Liar in Chief's Bimbo payoffs) to the Trump campaign through 'Fake Fronts', including the NRA, which spent tens of millions on the campaign, much of it from Russia.
Yup, it's a 'witch hunt', to those who get their 'news' from FOX and spend their life with their heads firmly and deeply implanted, (although it does save colonoscopy costs), and wouldn't give a shit if Dotard shot someone in Times Square, cuz no matter WHAT the arrogant a-hole does, Bullshit Mountain has assured them that ANYTHING, (thousands of LIES included), is better than having someone who had a private server, and didn't stop BENGHAZI!
Like I said, I was gonna mock the Liar in Chief's claim, but the sheep don't give a shit about FACTS. Never have and never will, so why should I waste my time?
BTW, any of you sheep/nutballs notice the COINCIDENCE of Dotard lifting sanctions against the YUUUGE Chinese Telco and the simultaneous investment of BILLIONS of dollars in the Trump branded property in Malaysia by the Chinese govt?
The blatant jerk isn't even subtle anymore, cuz the Pubs hold the power don't give a shit.


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