In another of his YUUUUGE campaign lied, swallowed by the gullible,

Trump promised to fight Big Pharma, who was 'getting away with murder'.
Well, we find out it's just another LIE, from the Liar in Chief, as he backed down from the drug companies, who watched their stock shoot up, even as Dotard was speaking, and the lobbyists were cheering.

There were high expectations for Trump after a campaign in which he accused drug companies of “getting away with murder” with their unchecked prices, and vowed to take them on. Americans are unified in how they want their government to respond; 92% say it should use its negotiating power to reduce drug prices for Medicare. Sensing a populist wave, in one of his most important and surprising campaign pledges, then-candidate Trump said he would "negotiate like crazy." He even promised that his negotiating skills would save taxpayers $300 billion annually.
So far Trump hasn’t made a dent. Since he became president, the prices of over 2,500 drugs already on the market have increased by at least double digits.

More: Drug companies get tax windfall, but they're not reducing prescription prices

BTW, who swallows his crap? Oh yeah, the sheep. Never mind....


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