No matter his party affiliation, he's an American hero,

SOOO, he obviously doesn't want the Orange Clown at his funeral, and no one could blame him, as Johm McCain says he doesn't want Dotard at the funeral he knows is coming soon.
As he faces mortality, he can still make a statement, and that statement is, 'Keep the A-hole away from me..."
Way to go, John....

John McCain doesn’t want Trump at his funeral

Captain bone spurs famously said, in another of his shining moments,
The elder McCain, 81, has had a tumultuous 
relationship with Trump, who infamously mocked 
his military service during the campaign.
“He’s a war hero because he was captured,”
Trump said in an appearance at the Family
Leadership Summit in 2015. “I like people who
weren’t captured.”
And the ignorant sheep support the Liar in Chief....
F-U Dotard, and the sheep you rode in on....


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