Over a year ago, Bill Maher made a list

of '10 Things a Dictator Does'.
At that time there were ony five items on it, now, after the coming military parade, we are up to nine.
Dotatd only has to start dressing in military outfit, but even his buddy Putin and Jong Un don't do that.
“We put together a ‘dictator checklist’ last year right around this time,” Maher began. “It’s pretty scary. He had 6 out of 10, but now with the military parades he’s gonna have 9 out of 10.”
The Real Time host began listing the items that have been “checked off.” They include “you’re a narcissist and you like your name or face on buildings,” “appoint family members to positions of power,” “rallies,” “you hate the press and use your own propaganda outlet” (which he singled out Fox News as “State TV”), ‘missile parades,” “you use your office for you own personal financial gain,” “align with other dictators,” “claim minorities are the cause of problems in this country, and “you lie so freely that people don’t know what the truth is anymore.”


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