This article from George Will(R) is NOT for the sheep

who get their 'news' in concise, little (bullshit) soundbites from Bullshit Mountain.
Mr Will, one of the original Conservative Repubs with the unusual characteristic of 'using his brain', explains in easy to understand facts, (that a FEW Pubs might understand), how the latest Repub give away to the 1%, in the form of a tax cut we CAN'T afford, is gonna bankrupt the country SOON!
And realize, this is from the Ultra-conservative outlet, Newsmax.
Click on the link at the end for the entire article, if you dare.

Hillsdale College's Gary Wolfram notes that total discretionary spending — including defense — for fiscal 2019 is projected to be $1.362 trillion, which is $381 billion more than the projected deficit. All this means trouble, unless Mr. Art of the Deal can negotiate with arithmetic, persuading it to amend its rules so that trillion-dollar deficits will not mean trillion-dollar increases in the debt.

The Congressional Budget Office projects that new federal borrowing over the next 10 years will total $12.4 trillion and that at the end of 2028, the debt will be $28.7 trillion — 96 percent of GDP, which is totally unsustainable, even if the interest rate DOESN'T go up, which it most certainly will.

Read Newsmax: Will We Ever Escape Our Debt Spiral? |


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