Trevor Noah's 'The Daily Show'

had a good guest, Gen Michael Hayden, retired career military, was discussing his new book, 'The Assault on Intelligence', a double entendre which describes the Liar in Chief and his attacks on US Intel, who ALL agree that the Russians manipulated the election for him (ever wonder WHY, wingnuts?) as well as Dotard's attacks on the intelligence of the American people, with his continual barrage of LIES and the war on science, law enforcement, the courts and the media, as the sheep believe ONLY what they hear on FOX, the worst fact-bender of all time. Thanks, Roger.
(BTW, the Assault on Intelligence also refers to those who believe in a LITERAL Bible.
A talking snake who drove the first humans out of the garden of Eden, SO, they joined a neighboring tribe. Really?)
What do the targets have in common? They're all fact-based enterprises, which are attacked in the post-factual Trump world, as he LIES continually, bending numbers and concepts to fit his message.
Science can't be believed, media is fake news, (except FOX-PARP), law enforcement and the courts are liberal-based cronies of the Dems, (really?). And the sheep swallow it.
Remember when truth mattered?


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