When criminals get caught, some plead guily,

but hardly ever. Others, who are obviously guilty plead, 'Not Guilty' and hope their slick lawyers can keep them out of prison after a trial with all the 'facts'
Some guilty SOB's, however, use their power to squash the evidence, hire multiple teams of sleazy attorneys and refuse to testify, cuz they'd be found GUILTY if they told the truth and GUILTY if/when they lie.
SOOO, Dotard's latest lawyer is recommending that the Liar in Chief just 'Plead the Fifth' and keep stumbling through his term, knowing that 2/3 of the people KNOW he's guilty and 1/3 don't give a shit. So, Dotard's plan is one of the following :
Ignore the coming subpoena, or
Fight the coming subpoena, both causing a Constitutional crisis,
Or Plead the fifth.
Answering the questions, that would PROVE his guilt, (or innocence?-HA!) isn't on the table, according to all his lawyers, after the ONE who recommended it, Ty Cobb, is now 'Retired', rather than soil his reputation i his twilight years.
Same old shit as Dotard is installed in office, with the help of the Russians, (ever wonder WHY?), and the Orange Clown, and All The President's Men, LIE to keep him there, BUT, have a hard time coordinating the LIES. It's Cohen vs Trump vs Giuliani vs Stormy.
What a clown show,
IF, he was innocent (HA!), he would be glad to take the stand, under oath and clear his name.
If you think that will happen, do I have some products that you'd love to buy, but anyone that stupid obviously doesn't have any money, cuz it takes a functioning brain to make a living in today's world.


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