You know that big state on the Left Coast?

  • New economic data puts the California economy at $2.747 trillion — bigger than most nations.
  • The ranking puts it fifth in the world, just ahead of the United Kingdom, which is at $2.625 trillion.
Yup, the one that the Pubs totally screwed up, then the Dems came in and fixed it, sorta like the Obama did for the US after Bush?
That state that the Pubs like to make fun of as the land of fruits and nuts.
Well, that state with their high tech, agriculture and entertainment industry, that the Cons love to hate, just moved onto fifth place, in the WORLD's economies, passing the UK.
Yup, the same bozos in the Bible Belt, who deny science and bitch about Liberals have their food stamps and welfare checks courtesy of the education and income of the Left Staters.
Nothing new here, as the Blue States pay the bills of Red States. Look it up, if you can.
Top ten vs bottom ten, in education and income. Top=Blue vs Bottom=Red, with only two exceptions out of twenty.
Some things never change, BUT, FOX sure makes the gullible sheep think just the opposite.


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