File it under, 'FINALLY, some GOOD news'...

And you wonder why FOX /Trump (one and the same) is rushing to discredit Mueller/Comey?
And, don't forget Cohen was the henchman who handled Trump's Russian real estate/financing deals,
which the Liar in Chief has DENIED ever happened, though DJT Jr bragged about it..

Trump’s Lawyer May Have Stored ‘Gold Mine’ Of Recorded Conversations: Report

The FBI raided Michael Cohen’s offices earlier this
week, seizing his computers and phones.
An unidentified Trump adviser told the outlet that Cohen,
who has worked with Trump for decades, had a
“proclivity to make tapes” of private conversations and
store them digitally.
Sources said it was unclear if Cohen had taped any
conversations with Trump. But a source said it was
Cohen’s “standard practice” to play recordings for the
president that he’d made of other top advisers. New York
is a one-party consent state, meaning Cohen could
legally record any phone conversation without the
other person’s knowledge.
Experts described the recordings as a potential “gold
mine”, saying that if they exist and are admissible in
court, they could prove extremely valuable to prosecutors.


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