I can understand Dotard and his henchmen telling the FOXSheep

that Michael Cohen paid Stormie Daniels $130,000, BUT she was lying, AND Dotard didn't have sex with her, AND the Liar in Chief  'Didn't Know Anything About It', AND them swallowing it, like they always do.
That's understandable, cuz the sheep are notoriously stupid and gullible.
BUT, when those clowns start telling those OBVIOUS LIES to the rest of us, (incl Robert Mueller and the FBI), who actually USE our brains, and believe in logic and rationality, it's a whole different story.
AND, that's how you get a No Knock Warrant for one of the (many) sleazy lawyers who do the dirty work for the LYING jerk(R) who's been bankrupt at least six times, and has been sued THOUSANDS of times, usually when he refuses to pay his bills, and leaves the 'little people' (workers and suppliers) holding the bag.
So, go for it Robert/FBI, find and tell the truth, esp about Dotard's dealing with the Russians and his many 'undisclosed' business dealing and loans and lock those bastards up.
It can't happen TOO SOON.


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