In normal times it WOULD be suicde, for Trump,

to fire Mueller(R), BUT, with the limp-dick Repubs in Congress he can and probably WILL do it, and get away with it for along time, cuz those jerks(R) ONLY care about the power they have to write checks to their buddies in the 'Defense'? dept and all the other 'milk the US Treasury' positions.
AS IF, the jerks cared about justice and the American Way. HA! These are REPUBLICANS!
Remember the war they (Bush/Cheney(R)) LIED us into in Iraq? It's the SAME jerks(R) who will have the power (and NOT do it) to impeach the LYING SOB in the White House, cuz they have too much ($$$$) to lose....

Firing Mueller(R) May Put Trump At Risk, But Fox Keeps Urging Him To Do So


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