CNBC, the Financial Channel,

used to really piss me off, cuz they'd allow ultra rightwingnut Rick Santelli to CONTINUALLY preach that Obama's financial 'medicine' to fix the YUUUUGE mess caused by Bush and the Pubs, (remember the Big D?) was gonna cause 'runaway inflation'. Well, it didn't, and the policies helped  cure the YUUUUGE mess, BUT, that didn't keep the loudmouth from preaching his anti-Dem 'inflation' venom for YEARS, and although he was continually proven WRONG, he screamed for yeras.
Well, he's BACk, and had a special guest this morning, kissing Trump's ass and blaming Obama for for the 2007 RECESSION. Yeah, really...
He started off his diatribe with, 'You remember the recession that began in 2010? (WHAT? It was 2007!)
Then he asked his guest, 'Why did it take the Dem policies SO LONG to work", cuz we usually bounce back MUCH faster?'
Well, IDIOT, this wasn't a garden variety recession. This was the closest EVER to the Big D, with people losing HALF of their investment and home values, as well as YUUUGE unemloyment, and the market was cut in half, and spread all around the world, cuz of Repub incompetence.
BUT, according to Rick(R), who is re-writing history for the ignorant, it was all the Dmes fault, BUT, thankfully we finally have a BUSINESSMAN in the White House, blah blah blah...
Bottom line, the rightwingnut loudmouth was quiet for a while, but he's back, and CNBC needs to fire his LYING ass....


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