Of all Trump's pigs, feeding at the public trough, within his Cabinet 'Swamp',

one of the slimiest has to be Tom Price, who most thought could NEVER get confirmed as head of HHS, cuz he was found to have traded hundreds of thousands of shares of stock, in Health Care Companies, WHILE he was introducing legislation (35 bills) which would help them. Despite this damning information, he was confirmed the first vote, on a straight Repub screwjob.
NOW that he's a 'public servant' he's been busted for approx FIFTY private plane flights, (already) when nearly EVERY time there was a commercial flight available. AND, he flew at LEAST five times on his private MILITARY FLIGHTS (at approx $25K/hour) to various places in Europe and Asia, taking his wife each time, to some of the best vacation spots in the world.
Now that he's busted, he's offering to REPAY the taxpayers. BUT, there's a YUUUGE catch. He says he'll pay for HIS seat, which he calculated by dividing the cost of a 30 person private jet, by THIRTY.
We taxpayers get to pick up the cost of the other 29, and ALL his private military flights.
You can't make up stuff like this, as the Pubs bleed us dry, while pretending to be 'fiscally responsible'.
Some things never change.....


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