The rightwingnuts can't understand

why 'those blacks' won't accept that the white jury acquitted the white police officer after he planted a 'throw-away' piece under the guy he shot (only his prints on it) and the tape from the chase had him saying 'I'm gonna KILL that Motherfucker(and he did).
They just don't understand.....
Rush and Sean DO explain how they are just 'Thugs'.
Bottom line white cops can do ANYTHING, even with evidence against them, and it's NO PROBLEM for the white jury, Shoot a guy, with his hands up, (after saying you will), PLANT a gun under him, and it's all legal. How many times have we seen video of white cops shooting black guys, with ZERO consequence. It's called ALWAYS.....
This bullshit works for some(R), BUT, I have been the victim of crooked cops TWICE, (Herbie Compton and a Texas high school drop out, both PLANTED drugs on me) and I can 'feel the pain', Herbie later tried the same trick with a Chicago lawyer, who discovered his 'pattern' for his many arrests, (planted evidence) and Mr Compton was fired from the Nebr State Patrol. The next time I saw him he was a waiter at Grampa's Steak House, in Kearney.
But the rightwingnuts are 'clueless' as always, cuz it hasn't happened to them. BUT, when you are 'profiled' for color (or long hair), all is fair, for the cops.....
Some things never change, and you don't care, 'til it happens to you.

Cops, protesters clash after St. Louis officer acquitted in black man's death


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