've spent a LOT of time outdoors in the West

hunting and fishing in Colorado and Wyoming, and one of the most amazing, beautiful sights is to come upon a herd of wild horses. To see them race across the prairies and mountain valleys, or witness a fight between stallions is always awe-inspiring.
The BLM is charged with regulating and trying to control the herds, keeping them from over-populatiing and ruining their environment. They were barely able to keep control, BUT, the Trumpies just cut $10 mil from their budget, which means it's gonna be a REAL problem, with an under-funded agency suffering further cutbacks.
New $10 BIL ship? No Problem, for the largest, bloated military in the world.
Manage the West and wild horses?
Can't afford it, according to the idiots in the Orange Clown's admin.
Same old shit, as everything else suffers, while military spending goes 'off the chart'.
It's the Repub way, and ain't gonna change with the jerkts(R) in charge....


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