Too bad, turtleface....

WASHINGTON -- A controversial proposal to allow unlimited financial coordination between candidates and political parties that was pushed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) did not make it into the end-of-year omnibus budget bill.

Now, at least there are some 'pretend' rules, after the Supreme Court(R) allowed (nearly) unlimited. legal, vote buying by Big Money, after the Pubs had already Gerrymandered districts beyond description and 'cleansed' voting lists of undesirables(D), through arcane, formerly illegal, 'voter scrubbing'. 
If McTurtleface had gotten his way, there would basically be 'No Rules' in the Repub mission to legally buy votes. I'm sure they'll be back though, cuz that's how they operate... If you can't win, CHEAT.


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