Thanks to FOX/PARP,

who will do/say ANYTHING to get Repubs elected, a certain % of the American public, (sheep), are more concerned about terrorists, than the economy of the country, (which was wrecked by the Pubs, and affects us ALL, every day), ALTHOUGH, the chances of being killed by a terrorist, in a five year period, is less than one in 20 MILLION. BUT, this is what FOX/PARP has the sheep riled over, cuz they don't understand odds/reality. Sickening, but SO Republican, as they denigrate the prez, who has done a FANTASTIC job of protecting the American public, totally unlike the propaganda put out by Bullshit Mountain.
Nothing new here, as the sheep don't have a clue, and listen to the rightwingnuts who wanna herd them into an  election booth, to VOTE REPUBLICAN!
Again, if I gotta explain it, the rightwingnut sheep wouldn't understand it....


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