Most people appreciated the effort,

as world leaders met and drafted plans to slow the warming of the planet, after 14 of the last 15 years set temperature (high) records. BUT, the anti-science, anti-climate change crowd at FOX does nothing but bitch, bowing to their Big Money, Big Oil masters, claiming Obama wasted his time, when he should have been cowering from the terrorists, and planning more bombing runs.
Same old crap from the Propaganda Arm Of the Repub Party, that preaches anti-Obama/Dem, ALL the time. 'It's their job, mon', and they do it constantly, whether it's bitching about cutting emissions and pollution, or providing Affordable Health Care. The Party of NO! is against everything, unless it's another BENGHAZI! hearing, then, 30-some isn't NEAR enough, as the low-information sheep eat it up.


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