Am watching some UFC advertisements,

between college FB games, and am amazed by Colin McGregor, a great Irish fighter, who is gonna defend his crown on Dec 12th. Because I am somewhat of a wiseass, (surprise!) and worked 'security' with Feyline Concerts for many years, I have been in MANY fights,  BUT, no one has EVER landed a punch to my face. I swear... I'm claiming I have 'athletic blood', and every time I saw a fist coming toward my head, it seemed like slow motion, (called 'reaction time') and I merely dodged it, sometimes following up with a punch. Yup, like most of us, I like to brag, but this is real, as I look back on my life, (personal and professional) which included confrontations with LOTS of jerks, (probably Repubs), as I escaped without a bruise.
PS When I was working 'security' with Feyline, (for many years) with most of the big R&R groups of the 70's, I always knew that if I could survive for a while, I''d have a bunch of help, as we all had each other's backs. These days there are about a hundred ARA guys at every concert, but, we only had about 10, for HUGE venues. Just sittin' here. re-living concert memories, (from commercials). that remind me of the good old days, when I worked for a living, and life was MUCH more exciting....
PSS I was VERY lucky/fortunate, considering what could have happened....
PSSS This is my 'web log', (blog), and if you don't like it, quit reading my diary, as I try to recreate memories for my rocking chair years. Voyeurism is kinda sick....


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