Has anyone else noticed?

Since Boehner has been gone, we haven't heard ANYTHING from the 35 (or so) Tea Party Assholes(R) who had gummed up the works, SO many times, and were threatening to take the Party(R) AND the country down with them, cuz they were from FAR rightwingnut Gerrymandered districts and didn't care for anyone/anything but their own asses. I would have LOVED to have been a 'fly on the wall' when the party bosses (Karl Rove and ?) set their puny asses straight.
Now, there has FINALLY been some progress as Congress has gotten more done since Ryan got there than they did in the YEARS before him. Just when the Pub Bigwigs thought things were going well enough for them to survive and maybe thrive, The Donald, (the illegitimate bastard they conceived) showed up, with Ted 'Sleazeball' Cruz, 'in the wings'. I almost feel sorry for the poor jerks(R) who had such grandiose plans to loot the treasury, AGAIN.
Wow, first the Tea Party, then The Donald, with The Greaseball in reserve. Can you say President Hillary? LOL!


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