FOX/PARP is bitchin'

cuz the Liberal Media is concentrating on the antics of the Repubs (the clown car) and letting Hillary 'slide'. Oh really? If/when Ms Clinton ever commits the comedy of errors and lies, provided by the Repub clowns, then I'm sure the media will focus on her misdeeds. Until then, FOX/PARP has to 'go it alone', which they have no problem with. Today, Bullshit Mountain is leading with a headline about more of Hillary's e-mails have been classified 'Secret'. They don't mention it was again AFTER she sent them, BUT, they need to keep the negative 'news', concerning Hillary, flowing to the sheep, and if there's not any, they'll dig deep to find SOMETHING, cuz that's why the Propaganda Arm of the Republican Party exists.
Plus, the Fair and Balanced 'news' headline screams that Hillary is doing illegal deals with a 'family business', but if you read further, FOX/PARP admits that it's just an accusation(R), as it made HEADLINES on Bullshit Mountain. Watchdog calls for probe of Clinton relationship with firm tied to son-in-law
They couldn't be any more transparent if they shoveled their shit from an all glass manure spreader, but the sheep 'eat it up'.


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